Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Inishbofin Canada Goose

I was out with our Corncrake Fieldworker Sam Birch to carry out the first Corncrake census of the year last night. We had eight calling birds. Weather conditions were good but some of the birds were only calling sporadically so it's possible we might have missed a few. Twelve were recorded here last season which makes it the best spot in Galway for the species. They are only regularly recorded elsewhere in the county on Turbot Island and Omey Island. Local islanders have been reporting birds in areas in which we had none last night. Male Corncrakes have a bit of a tendency of moving around the island and even to other islands as the season progresses possibly in search of better habitat or a female. The vegetation has gotten off to a very slow start which doesn't help things. It has been unseasonably cold even for Ireland at this time of year with temperatures struggling to reach double figures for the last while. Things would what to very quickly as June is just around the corner.

While out there I came across a single Canada Goose on one of the small loughs. It's clear it wasn't a wild bird as it allowed quite a close approach. Two or three Canada Geese were released out on the adjacent island of Inisturk, Co. Mayo a year or two back I'd suspect it may well be one of these. At least two were seen at Roonah Lough during the winter by Pat Lonergan and were again mostly likely the same birds. Quite a few white farmyard geese dotted around the Inishbofin also.


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