Friday, 3 July 2015

Narrow-leaved Marsh Orchids

I came across about half a dozen distinct looking orchids about two weeks back that to me look like they could be Pugsley's / Narrow-leaved Marsh Orchids Dactylorhiza traunsteinerii / D. traunsteinerioides. The taxonomic status of Marsh Orchids seem to be rather confusing and ever changing. These six plants were found on blanket bog. They differed markedly from most of the marsh orchids that I see in Connemara. The usual Western/Irish/Broad-leaved Marsh Orchids are usually a much darker pink colour, a more robust plant with much more florets on the spike and aren't generally seen on open blanket bog here. I suspect that these plants were growing on a alkaline flush. Any opinions on the identification are welcome.


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