Sunday, 27 March 2016

Ghana 6th March 2016

I'm not long back from 15 days spent in Ghana hence the lack of blog posts for the last while. I went with Ashanti African Tours and had a very enjoyable trip. Photographic opportunities were somewhat limited compared to some of my previous foreign trips especially compared to my American trips. Most species in Ghana were a little more difficult to approach and trying to see forest species in particular proved extremely challenging never mind trying to photograph them! I don't think I've ever had such a high proportion of "heard-only" encounters before on a birding trip. Despite having an extremely sharp and hard-working local guide - Victor Owusu a lot of species wouldn't play ball even with playback.
We arrived on the evening of the 5th March. The first bird of the trip the following morning was unsurprisingly Pied Crow followed shortly afterwards by the first lifer - Bar-breasted Firefinch. Our first site of the day was Shai Hills Resource Reserve where we had our only Mocking Cliff Chats of the trip. Later on we visited Sukomona Lagoon and Winneba Bay and Plains.

Senegal Coucal

African Grey Hornbill

Veillot's Barbet

Olive Baboon

Olive Baboon

Olive Baboon


Shai Hills Resource Reserve

Depressingly common sight in Ghana.

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Street vendors

Roadside market

Roadside Water Melon and Pineapple stall.
Drying fish by Winneba Lagoon.

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