Sunday 1 May 2016

Ghana 13th March 2016

Another post from the Ghana trip. We spent most of the day heading further north from Kumasi, eventually ending up in the impressive Mole National Park. We were now leaving the more humid zone of Guinea Rainforest and into the savannah zone of the northern section of Ghana. We had one stop in the morning to Offinso Woods. This area of woodland seemed to display a few of the major problems that this habitat faces e.g. permitted tree lodging, hunting and recent fires were all visible.
One shocking sight a short distance from Mole was a gathering of 200 - 300 locals who had descended on a small village. They were all shipped in on cattle trucks. Apparently this is a regular occurrence where an area is swamped by large numbers of hunters who clear out anything that moves. Unsurprisingly we had seen absolutely no large mammals on the trip so far. The only time we did was within the national park which has a huge staff of rangers who protect the area. I should have a lot more bird shots in the next few posts as the photography opportunities were much better in the park in which we spent the next few days. It was also a relief not to be on the road so much.

Tambourine Dove

Narina's Trogon, a very bad photo of a very good bird.

Dark-chanting Goshawk

Pearl-spotted Owlet

Pearl-spotted Owlet
Bush meat hunting in Offinso Woods.

Rhinoceros Viper, road casualty, apparently a highly venous snake.

Rhinoceros Viper

Logging in Offinso Woods.

Birding in Offinso Woods.

No comment!

Typical roadside rubbish.

Thatched roofs with freshly cut reeds.

Hand made mud bricks.

Cattle herd coming in to drink after a day out in bush country.

Large scale hunting with tool of the trade fixed to the outside of the truck.

Two Warthogs sleeping during the night at the door of one the lodge rooms.

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