Monday 4 July 2016

BND's and Arctic Terns

I took a quick trip out around Slyne Head with local boatman Martin O'Malley and a visiting Californian birder yesterday. Nothing too noteworthy on the bird front but the highlight was a pod of about twenty Bottlenose Dolphins just off the pier at Bunowen which gave great views. They've been seen in good numbers recently due to a run of Salmon in the surrounding waters.

Pale calf, you can still see three of the fetal lines on this animal which would suggest it is still a very young animal.

Second-calendar Arctic Tern

Adult Arctic Tern just starting moult on the forehead, possibly a non-breeder.

Adult Arctic Tern.

Adult Arctic Tern.


  1. What's the fin damage due to Dermot? It looks very regular and repeated.

    1. Other Bottlenose Dolphins I'd say Paul. They seem to regularly nip and bite each other. Life is tough in Bottlenose pod, they are far from being all sweetness and light in real life!

  2. Thanks. My wife & daughters will be in Connemara 14 -22 August. I'll be stuck in UK :-(