Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Antarctica 29th December 2019

The weather today was more in line in what one would expect for the Antarctic. While the weather the previous day was a lovely crisp, clear day with blue skies, today we had snow showers, strong winds and clouded skies. This being the reason that I took hardly any shots during the day. The decks on floor seven were closed off for much of the day due to the challenging conditions (not the first time this happened on the trip). Our last view of land in the Antarctic was Deception Island which was shrouded in a snow shower. A few of the lads managed to briefly pick up on a brief Snow Petrel flying along the island shoreline but most of us couldn't get onto to it.
Another new tubenose addition to the trip was the first of the Blue Petrels as we steamed back north towards Patagonian. We had decent numbers the following day also. A little odd how we didn't have any on the way down?


Snowy Sheathbill

Snowy Sheathbill

Blue Petrel

Blue Petrel
Deception Island

Wet decks.

Bioluminescence caused by agitation of ship propellers on phytoplankton in the water.

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