Saturday 21 June 2014

Bog-trotting June 2014

A few pictures from the Connemara Bog Complex SPA & SAC. I've been spending a fair amount of time out on the bog and this summer between the on-going Golden Plover and Merlin surveys  Some great views of a young Irish Hare leveret who wasn't very put out by my presence on one of the days. Viviparous Lizards are quite common throughout Connemara and are out only native reptile. Also the ground beetle Carabus clatratus which is another species that is restricted to larger areas of untouched blanket bog.



  1. Great photos (as per usual :)). The word bog caught my attention, I work on Clara bog. How did you get the lizard to rest? I only ever catch glimpses of them.

  2. Well fair dues to you! The detail of colours and patterning of the scales are very beautiful. Keep up the good work :)