Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Ohio & Michigan mammals & landscapes.

So last blog about the recent trip, mostly mammals and landscape shots. Thanks again to James P. Smith for leading the trip and looking after the five of us which included John & Shirley Dodds, Stephen Davis and Margaret Smith. Check out John's and Stephen's websites and Flickr sites here

Btw. any suggestions on the snake species below?

Beaver, Magee Marsh, Ohio.

Musk Rats, Nayanquing Point Wildlife Area, Michigan.

Black morph Eastern Grey Squirrel, Tawas Point State Park, Michigan.
Fox Squirrel, Magee Marsh, Ohio.

Eastern Chipmunk, Pearson Metropark, Ohio.

Woodchuck, Groundhog/Whistle Pig, Pearson Metropark, Ohio.

Unidentified small black snake species, Magee Marsh, Ohio.

One of the many ubiquitous signs dotted around rural areas.
Another example of posting. This was out in the middle of the woods in Michigan, why put up a fence when you can put up signs!
Very small section of the car park at Magee Marsh.

The tower part of the boardwalk at Magee, pair of Prothonary Warblers were seen here on a few occasions, didn't see them anywhere else on the trip.

View down from the tower, the folks below were mostly looking at a Mourning Warbler here.

Birders taking shelter from one of the many heavy rain showers at Magee. Cars in their droves would leave at the first sight of rain.

Why go looking for the birds when they would just come to you.

Entrance to the boardwalk.

Magee Marsh proper.

Wet woodland along the boardwalk.

Our group at the far end of the East beach overlooking the marsh.

Waterloo Recreational Area, Michigan, note the lack of leaf cover.

We past through County Clare and Roscommon in Michigan.

Very empty Magee boardwalk after the Biggest Week.


  1. Hi Dermot, great write up - really brings it back ! Can't believe you got that shot of the Woodchuck. Still working on my pictures, but they should make it to Flickr in the next fortnight or so. Did our Finland trip, and got 3 Wolverines ! Not many birds in the plan, but Great Gray and Tengmalm's Owls at nests were a big bonus !
    Cheers, Steve.

    1. Looking forward to the shots Steve. The Wolverines must have been mega!