Tuesday, 21 February 2012

21st February 2012

Headed out to Rahasnae Turlough to have a nosey about for the American Wigeon. I don't think it's been really looked for since I last had it a fortnight back apart from Rich Bonser. The place was packed with duck and I spent the next two and half hours going through the throngs of birds. Best I could manage was an apparent male American x Eurasian Wigeon, a pair of Shelduck (site tick for me), a tight pack of 33 Little Egrets and a "unkindness" of five Ravens.

 Male American x Eurasian Wigeon, Rahasane Turlough.

  Male American x Eurasian Wigeon, Rahasane Turlough.

 A small part of the horde at Rahasane.

33 Little Egrets by my count.

Must have been a deep animal in the immediate vicintiy, note the full crop.

Had a look around Ahapouleen Turlough,Tawin Island, Kilcaimin and Ardfry. High tide was in so the numbers of birds were low enough.


  1. Congrtatulations on the new blog! Hope the new camera is working out well.

  2. Cheers Peter, very happy with it. Just amazed at the image quality.