Thursday 28 June 2012

Mr. and Mrs. WTE

Finally managed to record the wing tags on the female White-tailed Eagle out in Roundstone Bog while out looking for Merlin yesterday evening. They were just sitting out on very small rocky outcrop some distance from the nearest lough. The female dwarfed the male in size and was far less advanced plumage-wise compared to the male. Apparently she is supposed to be the same age of the male which is really amazing. I would have expected a fourth calendar bird to be far advanced than this. Unfortunately a stampede of Sheep spooked them before I could get any closer.

Female and male Star White-tailed Eagles

Mantle feather dropped by the female.

Common Sandpiper, Roundstone Bog

Quite a pale billed bird.

The rest of the shots are from down near Moyrus, Carna and Cleggan taken this week.

Little Tern, near Carna.

Sandwich Tern, near Carna.

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Rounstone Bog 11th/12th June 2012

Spent the last two days in at Roundstone Bog trying to get the tags on the unknown female White-tailed Eagle that has been knocking around with male Star. No sign of herself but Star was present giving great views, what a sight!

Common Gull. Looks like a third-summer due to the dark markings on the alula and primary coverts. The black/grey border along p7 & 8 aren't very well defined either.

Adult Common Gull

Great Black-backed Gull. Two pairs breeding next to Cormorant colony.

Cormorant colony. Only 40 sitting birds present. 160 sitting birds recorded during the Seabird 2000 survey. I think someone pictured below may be having an effect on them...

Four-spotted Chaser

Four-spotted Chaser with Blue-tailed Damselfly.

Teal family, I was surprised to see the male in attendance.

There was a seventh duckling nearby also.

Female Merlin just finishing up mobbing a roaming family party of Ravens. She would only weigh a fifth of an average Raven but they were still terrified of her!

Redshank, first time I've come across breeding Redshank this far West. Right beside the main road.

Male star White-tailed Eagle

Getting a bit of grief from the local GBB Gulls, probably not the first time, he's been here since late March.