Friday, 20 September 2013

Lesser Yellowlegs at Murlach

I got a call from Miryam Harris just as I was arriving into Ballyconneely late this afternoon. Mike and herself had just found a Lesser Yellowlegs down by Murlach. I had planned on checking the machair at Aillebrack and Truska for American Golden Plover as Aonghus O'Donaill had found a juvenile at Rahasane turlough earlier today. I obviously never made it down to either to Aillebrack or Truska for that matter.
I had last checked Murlach while doing an I-WeBs count here on Wednesday so it was obviously fresh in. The bird gave great views and was quite approachable.

Previous county records are as follows;
One, Rahasane Turlough, 20th January 1977.
One, Rahasane Turlough, 7th October to 9th November 2001.
One Glenamaddy Turlough, 9th to 12th October 2011.
There is also a record from Rahasane Turlough (yet again) from 26th September to 13th October 2003 which was never submitted but was photographed. We should be able to get it accepted thanks to the shot.


Murlach. It was feeding very close to the roadside along the fenceline here.


  1. These are beautiful shots Dermot. very nice

  2. Lovely photos Dermot. I saw the Lesser Yellowlegs at the Wexford Wildfowl reserve on Sunday. Beautiful bird. Where exactly is Murlach? I have been to Ballyconneely several times but I am not sure where that is.

    1. Hi Rachel, Murlach is the lough immediately south of Ballyconneely village. There's a small road which brings you down to the beach that runs along the lough. It's not named on any of the maps.