Friday 15 November 2013

Pink-footed Goose

A few pictures of a very tame juvenile/first-winter Pink-footed Goose on Rusheenduff Lough beside Renvyle House Hotel on Wednesday. It had been associating with a few feral white farmyard geese for a week now and has been fed Oats by the staff of the hotel with the other geese each morning. I 'd believe it could well be a wild bird but may have got separated from its family group and/or may be injured. It's not at all unusual for the odd wild goose to tag up with captive/feral geese. Nice to see it at such close quarters.



  1. There was a lone juvenile on Omey on 10th October; could it be the same bird?

  2. Could well be. There was one there this time last year also. They seem to be gradually interesting with each winter.