Wednesday 31 July 2013

Late July 13

Another random selection of stuff from the last week.

Young Wood Mouse, much nicer than your run of the mill House Mouse.

G1RRRW Sanderling, Omey Island 30th July 2013. Ringed Sandgerði,Iceland on 10th May 2011 and recorded for the first time at Omey Strand 4th August 2011, remained all winter and came back again the following winter.

G4YYGW Sanderling, Omey Strand, 30th July 2013. Ringed Sandgerði,Iceland on 20th May 2008 and first seen at Omey Strand on 7th August 2008. Been here every winter since.

G1RRRW and G4YYGW together on Omey Strand, 30th July 2013.
W6RYRY Sanderling, Gortnagaryaun Strand, Co. Mayo, 25th July 2013. Waiting on details.

Juvenile Common Gull, Mannin Bay, 23rd July 2013 feeding on crab.

Common Snipe, Truska, 23rd July 2013.

Common Snipe drumming, Truska, 23rd July 2013.

Silver-washed Fritillary

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