Thursday 18 July 2013

Macros, macros, macros

A big selection of shots of insects, flora, landscapes, etc. taken with the new Tamron Macro 90mm f2.8 lens during my travels during the last week. Again any ideas on some of the species would be appreciated.

Bombus muscorum variation allenellus, Inis Meáin, this form is only found on the Aran Islands.

Bombus muscorum, Inishbofin, the normal form.

Chrysotoxum festivum, a hoverfly that mimics a wasp.

Episyrphus balteatus Marmalade Hoverfly, Inishbofin.

Eristalis sp. - nemorum?

Eristalinus sepulchrais, the lower hairy eyes are a clincher

Eristalinus sepulchrais

Helophilus pendulus, Knockboy.

Xylota segnis
Common Red Soldier Beetle Rhagonchya fulva

Chloromyia speciosa

Chloromyia formosa

Syritta pipiens

Syrphus torvus/vitripennis
Cinnabar moth on Ragwort.

Dark Green Fritillary, Inis Meáin.

Tachina grossa
Wild Honey-bee.

Larvae Ladybird, looks like it came straight out of the set from Men in Black.

Beetle/Weevil sp.?

Irish Moiled Cow, Inish Meáin, traditional Irish breed.

Meadow Brown

Inis Meáin

Mweenish Island with the Twelve Bens in the background.

Mweenish Island

Sea Bindweed

Peacock caterpillars feeding on Nettles.

Ectemnius sp.

Ectemnius sp.


  1. The large black fly with orange at the wing roots looks like a Tachinid (very spiny).

    The pic above Rhagonycha fulva is Xylota segnis, a hoverfly that doesn't look like a hoverfly: runs over leaves scooping up dropped pollen.

    The Helophilus looks to be H. pendulus.

    Nice blog....:)

  2. Hi Stuart, thanks for the corrections. I only just found your own blog, lots of great shots and info, keep it up. Thanks.