Tuesday, 21 October 2014

AGP 21st October 2014

I found this juvenile American Golden Plover down on the  Aillebrack machair commonage today. It was associating with the usual flock of Eurasian Golden Plovers that move between here and Truska. There were about 160 present there today. There have been sixteen accepted county records to date, eight of which have turned up between these two close-by sites. Considering these sites have only been checked in the last decade or so it's fair to say this location has been and should remain the most regular spot for the species in the county. Both Inishbofin and Inishmore strangely have no records to date however.
A few shots of a first-winter Greenshank in a small pool by the edge of the adjacent golf course also, trying its best to look like a Nearctic mega but alas not to be!


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